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Here goes……

Well I suppose I ought to start with why I am here?…. I am a big fan of a good old blog. I read quite a few and spend many an hour browsing and saving links to ‘must have’ items and products after being inspired (not all of which make into my basket as I would of course be bankrupt).

I turned 40 last year, it was a shock to the system, I just cant believe I am 40! I often find myself thinking of years gone by and how much easier life was back in ‘the good old days’ as a 20 something where my priorities were what to wear on a Saturday night and what colour to dye my hair next! Life seemed so carefree and easy that it was hard to suddenly accept that I was now a grown up with responsibilities. Disclaimer – I wouldn’t change a thing, but…. maybe a trip in a time machine to go back, just for one night and relive it all would be amazing!

I also have a Pinterest addiction that leads me to dream of my perfect life surrounded by gorgeous interiors and soft furnishings and my children running around in baby gap. The reality of course is far different but its my world and I am quite happy in it, but a girl is allowed to dream!

A friend of mine suggested that I have a go at writing a blog, my response was to laugh and say ‘but who on earth would read it and what on earth would I write?’. After reflection I thought, well who cares, I will just write it for myself, about things I like and what I think about and see if I enjoy it!

A list of things I like (some I even love!)

  1. I like my phone, a lot, currently an IPhone 7plus. I hate that we are a society of phone addicts but I would be lost without my phone, it has everything and I mean everything recorded and documented on it and of course all my photos. I have lost count of the times I have misplaced my phone and had a complete meltdown
  2. I adore Angel and Dune perfume – my absolute faves although I am always keen to try new scents and I am beauty counter salespersons dream
  3. I love trying new beauty products and despite a low income at the moment, hello maternity pay, I have an ever evolving wish list (on my beloved IPhone)  and spend hours reading reviews before adding any item to the list
  4. Coconut – I pretty much love anything containing coconut from chocolate to candles to beauty products. I would do practically anything for a Ritter Sport coconut chocolate bar (trust me they are amazing)
  5. I like animals and had I not followed the career I am in, would have loved to have worked with them – my dream job would be to work in a safari park or on a conservation project
  6. Reality TV – my guilty pleasure. Sorry, not sorry!
  7. I LOVE Christmas, I am mad for it, I drive everyone mad to start getting christmassey from about October. Anyone else?
  8. New York – my ultimate dream is to visit the big apple and do all the sight seeing in particular Ground Zero. I still cannot believe what happened there and remain as shocked and appalled as the day it happened.   have this weird emotional connection to anything American. I cannot explain it and I truly believe that I have lived there before in a previous life. I hope to travel there in the next few years
  9. New Kids on The Block – the previous love of my life (before the boyfriend and the baby) – I am obsessed and remain a loyal devoted fan
  10. My four month old son -he is the absolute love of my life and I ADORE him. Even though I struggle to make a cup of coffee these days as he is my little cling on (no seriously he is permanently attached)
  11. My long suffering ‘other half’. I would be lying if I said that things haven’t changed since our son came along, but we are working on it and the love is still there

So there you have it, my first EVER blog post. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoyed the read and more importantly stayed awake. I am going to add some pictures as soon as I learn how to!

Feedback welcomed

Thanks for visiting x


“It’s easy enough to be pleasant when life goes along like a song, but the girl worthwhile is the one who can smile when everything else goes wrong” – My Nan